Devon is my home, sandwiched between Dartmoor and the sea. My heritage is one of travel, having been born in Africa, with parents and grand parents born overseas. My paintings reflect all these influences plus the vibrancy of my children and their friends who are all young adults now. I prefer to use the traditional mediums of water colours and oils, painting in a contemporary, sometimes edgy, way with simple yet powerful settings and using a limited palette. The following is a testimonial from Professor Kathy Sylva OBE, about her portrait :

"It captures the young girl going off to school in search of adventure, and the young woman cycling off to chair her first meeting, and finally the mature woman looking at the artist with interest and warmth.............."


Several of my paintings have been exhibited by the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colour and the Society of Women Artists at the Mall Galleries, London. In 2016/17 I was awarded a commission from Oxford University for their Diversifying Portraiture Project which has already gained much media coverage.


My work is held in the following notable collections : Oxford University Art Collection, a member of the British Royal Family, through the Kennel Club, Lord Clifford, a member of the United Arab Emirates Royal Family, a senior Government advisor in the UAE, CEOs and Directors of companies in the UK and US


Solo exhibitions have been held in the UAE, London and Devon





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